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Kelly Britt

Kelly Britt is our Athlete of the Week!

Kelly began training with Endorphin Fitness about five years ago. Kelly found EF through a friend that was training. Kelly knew nothing about triathlon or the people she would eventually meet.

When Kelly started, she could not swim or bike. She couldn’t swim one lap without being exhausted, she remembers vividly. Kelly hadn’t been on a bike since she was a small child. So she started with sprint races and in her second year of training, completed her first Ironman- Ironman Florida 2013 with a large group from Endorphin Fitness. It was during training for this Ironman that she was always slow on the long bike rides that never seemed to end, struggling at the back. But what Kelly remembers vividly is that her teammates (who were all much faster than her) waited for her, encouraged her, and helped her.

Her fitness journey has continued with Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman events (Kelly’s favorite distance), and two other Ironman events. Kelly’s least favorite race has to be Ironman Maryland 2016 when the swim was cancelled, the bike shortened, and the run was through water on some of the course. All of the months of training that put you in for an Ironman and then that happens. It was quite the disappointment for Kelly. But at the same time, it was great because she was with people who would not let her quit when all she wanted to do was sit down, cry, and be done. Kelly’s favorite race has to be her first Ironman finish at Florida, just because it was her first one and there is absolutely nothing like an Ironman finish line.

Kelly’s goals now are to improve at the half distance, complete Ironman Lake Placid, race with friends, and encourage others. Kelly’s favorite part about triathlon is now the swim, followed closely by the bike (the two things she couldn’t accomplish before).

When we asked about advice for beginners, this is what Kelly had to say. “My best advice for beginners would be a lot of things.  First, consistency is so important.  If you have a goal that you are trying to reach, you can get there.   Believe in yourself and do not be afraid.  There will be good days and not so good days.  But with each race you learn something, some times you learn a lot of things.  And if you have a moment of disappointment or whatever else, you get back up and start again.  This takes patience, which is not my strength (at all), but if you are determined and willing to work, you will get there. Surround yourself with people who are there to support you on your rough days and who will celebrate with you on the great days!”

Kelly closes her interview talking about Endorphin Fitness. Kelly says, “EF has brought so many people into my life, and to me they are like my family.   EF has not only taught me about triathlon and how to become a faster and better triathlete.  More importantly I am able to build relationships and encourage others to reach their goals, whatever they may be. I wish everyone an amazing 2018 season!!!”



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