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Matt Ciaverelli

 Matt Ciaverelli is our athlete of the week!

Matt was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and felt it would be a great idea to find a sport where he could focus on building his strength. Triathlon training seemed to be a great fit for Matt. Matt started swimming at Endorphin Fitness and really liked it. It seemed as if his obvious next move was to the bike and run. Matt feels he started off a little slow with his triathlon journey, but he is always continuing to work hard and hopes to beat his time this year.

Matt has completed a 10k and a few 5ks. He really enjoyed running the 10k because he ran it with his dad and it was a challenging distance. This year, Matt and his dad plan to run another 10k. For this season, Matt has goals of being faster in all three events, but with major improvements on the bike.

So far, Matt is having a really good season. He even thinks it might be his strongest season so far! Matt is continuing to improve thanks to his hard work at each and every practice.

Matt’s favorite race type is triathlon. He always learns a lot and thinks it’s really cool how you transition from event to event. More specifically, Matt’s favorite part about triathlon is the biking. Matt feels the biking challenges him the most and he needs to improve the most on the bike.

When we asked Matt about how Endorphin Fitness has taught him to Be More, he responded with, “EF has taught me to be more focused because all the coaches are always challenging me to be better and work harder.”

For beginners, Matt says, “don’t get discouraged and continue to work hard at each practice. Even if you have a bad day, you have to get back out there and continue to work hard at the next practice.”



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