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What’s In A Name – Camille Ronesi

What’s In A Name – Camille Ronesi
October 20, 2015 Michael Harlow

Personal Trainer.

I hate that job title.  I’ve struggled with it for years.  Someone asks what I do and I catch myself saying “I’m a personal trainer, BUT…”

Personal trainer somehow conjures up this image of a superfit coach who is going to miraculously turn you into the superfit through various means of physical torture and abusive yelling.  I say “Personal trainer” and the person immediately looks down, hiding the contents of their grocery cart/party plate or abashedly tugging their shirt over their soft belly.  Allow me to speak for all trainers when I say “We’re so much more than this!”

There has never been a time in my career where I have felt it more acutely that my job title does my work no justice.  You can read more below, but suffice it to say that a client passed away this weekend.  Though my stories with her center around exercise, that in no way encompasses the relationship that we had.

I see some clients up to 3 times a week for YEARS.  That’s 3 hours a week, every week, through thick and thin.  I see these people more than I see anyone outside of my home. Even if I only see clients once a month, I still form an intense bond with them.  They get the most unadulterated attention from me of anyone I know.  We build a relationship together.  They trust me to take care of them- a trust that I hold to the highest standard.  I pull every ounce of expertise that I have to give them the best experience possible.

Fitness specialist.  Wellness expert.  Health Manager.  Coach.  Personal Trainer.  The titles eventually blur together.  None of them will ever describe what I experience in our gym.  None of them will reach the depths of the impact you, dear client, will have on my heart.

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