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Roger Peterson Athlete Spotlight

Roger Peterson Athlete Spotlight
September 27, 2019 Michael Harlow

Roger Peterson started riding his bike to work 2 years ago which led to his first sprint triathlon eventually.  Just recently, he completed Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City blowing his personal goal out of the water.  His tremendous journey over these last 2 years is something to be applauded, and we are honored to call him one of our athletes and teammates.  Read about his journey in his own words below…


Tell us about your journey to endurance sports.  How did you get started?

I started mountain biking 2 years ago, which led to riding my bike about 20 miles to work. My sister swims regularly and invited me to swim lessons. She then suggested I do a triathlon, and I figured I could since I could do 2/3 of the race.


When was your first race?  Tell us about it. 

The Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint. The water was 65 degrees, and I forgot how to swim. I breast stroked/doggy paddled the entire swim. It was awful. I managed the bike fine and did a jog/walk for the run, but a finish is a finish!


What is your greatest accomplishment in the sport? 

Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City! My first 70.3 and I finished in 6:21.


What is your biggest goal right now? 

In the short term, I want to swim a 1:45 100 yrd for 1 mile.  For long term, I want to be able to sign up for a tri race on a whim and not worry about how I’m going to perform.


What motivates you? 

I enjoy the feeling I get when I break what I think are my limits.  It makes me want to see what my limits actually are.


Outside of training and racing, what are other important things in your life? 

Spending time with my family.


How has training and racing impacted the rest of your life?

I’ve gained a lot of self confidence. I’m doing much better with my mental health as well.


Why did you choose to train with Endorphin Fitness? 

During my first week, everyone was very welcoming, friendly, and supportive. It didn’t feel like making a decision to continue training with everyone.


What do you love most about training with Endorphin Fitness?

The people! It’s why I continued after my first week. I’ve never met so many great people in such a short time. The coaches are all very supportive and help me stay goal oriented. The coaches and athletes are definitely Endorphin Fitness’s strongest assets.

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