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Race Recap: April 28th – April 29th

Race Recap: April 28th – April 29th
May 1, 2018 Nick Seitz

We had a huge weekend of races with a lot to cover! Congrats to all athletes who raced. Our main race this weekend was the RTC Sprint Triathlon, but we have many races to report on including the VAHS MTB series, Ironman Texas, and several track meets.

We had several overall wins at RTC, including Coach Michael taking 2nd in men’s and Abby Church 2nd in women’s. Brian “Walt” Walter took 4th overall and 1st in his age group, Coach James took 5th overall (in his first triathlon, no less!), Cashion Green took 8th overall and 1st in his age group, Chad Albright took 1st in the masters division, Cheryl Shaw took 2nd in the Masters Division.

For age group wins, Lori Green, Cort Kirkley, Sandrine Thominet, Charlene Wilhelm, and Anderson Church all snagged first place finishes. Matt Cramer took first in his age group and shaved 11 minutes off his time last year. Jessica Small took 2nd, John Clarke placed second in his age group, executing his race plan well and having a standout performance for his run! Maggie Geoghegan took 3rd with a huge PR, Dawn Carter placed 4th and shaved a whopping 8 minutes off her PR. Alex Leinert placed fifth in his AG. Chris Lidner took 6th in his.

Other standout performances at the RTC Sprint Triathlon included Mckenley Mason completing the race with a strong bike leg and bravery in a new swim setting. Myles Baker and Monica Woodward had huge PR’s.  Matt Myers had an excellent race with fastest swim/bike to date. Mark Dupuis completed the race with a very strong run leg, and Scott Dixon, Alberta Williams and Mike Devlin all had strong races on Saturday!

At Ironman Texas, Tim Brown posted a big personal best, going 9:46:00. Mike Fridley had a solid race and finished strong.

At the Healthy Kids Running Series, EF had a great showing in week 2.  In the Pre-K race, Colby Harlow took 10th.  In the K-1st Grade race, Lane Jacobs, Emmerson Beazley, and Hattie Wells went 1-2-3 on the girls side and Maddox Blakiston took 21st on the boys side.  In the 2nd-3rd Grade race, Andrea Rogerson took 1st, Ellie Harlow 3rd, Hadley Harlow 4th, and Austin Harlow 6th on the girls side while Zach Fisher took 4th on the boy’s side.  In the 4th-5th Grade race, Hazel Wells took 1st, Mary Kate Jacobs 3rd, Annika Rogerson 4th, and Abigail McKay 7th on the girl’s side while Theo Conradie took 1st, Parker McKay 2nd, Caleb Harlow 3rd, and Cannen Harlow 5th on the boy’s side.  In the middle school race, Anneliese Rogerson took 1st.

At the second stop of the VAHS Mountain Bike Series, Patrick Harlow took 10th, Cannen Harlow 24th, and Ben Foster 25th in the Elementary School Race.  In the JV race, Caleb McCaskill took 11th, Jake Dysart 18th, and Rex Nguyen 19th, and Miles Fagan 24th.

In high school athletics, both Emily Merchant and Logan White had strong performances in the 1600 and 800m.  Logan ran a PR in the 800. At their divisional track meet, Lucy Poh and Jonathan Ryan both advanced to the county meet this week! Kieran Haug, Luke Craven, Josh Gray, and Hope Frost both ran strong track meets this weekend, setting PRs.  Kieran set a new PR in the 3200, Hope set PRs in both the mile and 800, Josh in the mile, and Luke in the 800. At Penn Relays, Colby Burcham and the Deep Run Boys 4X800 ran extremely well, advancing to the Championship of America.

Andy Valerie competed in the Beaver Blitz Mountain bike race. Although complications with his calves ended his day early, he went out strong according to plan and was in the top 10!   

Tonya Kallmeyer completed a 50k running challenge, where she completed 10 x 5k on the hour. She persisted through a long day and raced smart!

Emily Kontos competed in Collegiate Club Nationals which was changed into a duathlon less than a week before the race due to flood conditions. So, huge accolades to her great attitude in going with the flow. Emily had a great race featuring a strong 5k leading into a great bike!

At WTS Bermuda’s age group sprint race, Nick Pilgrim took 2nd overall, Caleb Ingham 4th overall, and Ben Poling’s team claimed 10th in the team division.  

At the Argyle Time Trial, Sam Kayne snagged 3rd place age group against a strong field.

Andrea Wright and Jackson Wright PR’d at the Carytown 10k!

At the Ragnar Relays, Cat Hart, Melanie Frank, and Nina Marino all executed beautifully and ran very well on some tough trails!

Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!

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