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Race Recap 9/30-10/1

Race Recap 9/30-10/1
October 3, 2017 Nick Seitz

Race Recap 9/30-10/1

Big week for our EF athletes… to recap our races from this weekend-

Our cross-country athletes all finished strong in their races. At their middle school race, Kylie Bosner took the overall win and Lucy Poh took 10th! Laine Mumford, Chase Brooksbank, Connor Doyle, and Colby Burcham all ran their running season’s best at Octoberfest. Jackson Wright and Hannah Lupica both had strong results at the Steward Relay and Pocahontas, respectively. Cooper Albright took 7th with another strong finish at the Lord Botetourt meet. Awesome job XC athletes!

At the Waterman’s Half Triathlon, EF Coach Kate Fisher finished 3rd in the masters females and 9th overall. Alex Tan placed 9th overall and 1st in their age group at the Waterman’s Sprint. Also at the Waterman Sprint, Lori Green finished first in her age group. She has been working hard to improve her run and stay mentally focused while racing which is really paying off!

Florence Lamirand took 2nd overall at Cyclocross after facing some difficulties along the course. She fought hard and finished strong. Way to go Florence!

We had a few EF athletes do some big bike rides/races over the weekend with awesome results. Jason and Katie Elliott completed the Tour of the Moon metric century in Colorado with both having super strong days on the bike. Also, Lucille O’Neil completed the Jeremiah Bishop Gran Fondo, overcoming sickness to still have a strong day.

Nick Pilgrim had a strong swim meet this weekend besting his 100 meter PR to 1:04.

EF youth had a big showing at The Short Pump Mile with just about everyone running a personal record. Hattie Wells, Hazel Wells, and Luke Munroe all won their age groups – this was Hattie’s first mile race ever! Luke Craven took 2nd in his age group running his first sub 6 minute mile with a time of 5:56. Hadley Harlow took 4th; Hazel Gillespie and Lane Jacobs both took 5th; and Patrick Harlow finished 6th rounding out our top 10 finishers. Caroline Osenga finished 12th in her age group; Liam Savage took 15th, Cannen Harlow 19th, Brody Savage 21st, Stephens Rabb 22nd, and Cole Nelson also 22nd.

Many of the above youth plus some additional EF athletes came back in the evening for the opening day of the Fall Healthy Kids Running Series Richmond. EF athletes won many of the races and set huge personal records across the board. Colby Harlow took 8th in the Pre-K race. Hattie Wells (:20 PR) and Lane Jacobs went 1-2 in the K-1st race; Zach Fisher took 7th and Stephens Rabb took 8th in the boy’s 2nd-3rd grade race; Ellie Harlow 2nd, Andrea Rogerson 3rd, Hadley Harlow 4th (:03 PR), and Austin Harlow 5th (:26 PR) in the girl’s 2nd-3rd grade race; Patrick Harlow 1st, Theo Conradie 2nd, Caleb Harlow 3rd (:56 PR), and Cannen Harlow 6th in the boy’s 4th-5th grade race; Maddie Fisher 1st, Hazel Wells 2nd, and Annika Rogerson 7th in the girl’s 4th-5th grade race; Luke Munroe 2nd (:08 PR) and Luke Craven 3rd (:16 PR) in the boy’s middle school race; and Annaliese Rogerson 1st in the girl’s middle school race.

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