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January 27, 2017 Michael Harlow

If you have a coach, I am about to tell you something that will transform your potential.  This one thing will allow you to view coaching in a new lens and ultimately allow you to become the athlete you were designed to be.  Few understand it though, and therefore few tap into its potential.  Are you ready?

Coaching is a partnership.  It is NOT one athlete working towards a goal but rather two people working towards a goal.  Simple right?  It makes perfect sense to the rational brain but do you really grasp it?  Are you really taking full advantage of it?

If you are, you will realize that every stride, stroke, and turn of the pedals you take is you doing so for two people.  When you crush a workout, you do it together with one other person.  When you quit a workout, you are making that choice for two people.

At Endorphin Fitness, we are invested in the lives of our athletes.  We set goals with you and are excited about them, dream about them, and put effort into achieving them every day.  When we succeed together, it is one of the best feelings in the world.  When things don’t go well, we hurt together

Allow this to motivate you.  When you want to quit, don’t because it is not just you that you are quitting for.  When you want to raise your arms in victory, do it knowing that your coach is doing the same beside you.  This is magnified at Endorphin Fitness because in addition to this coach-athlete relationship, there is also the support of a team of coaches and athletes.

This is EF coaching.  This is partnership.  Embrace it.

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