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Michael’s Message: What Is Success?

Michael’s Message: What Is Success?
January 25, 2019 Michael Harlow
success in sport

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How do you judge if a race was successful? I have won races only to cross the finish line feeling very unsettled knowing I did not hit my goals or give my best. On the other hand, there are many other races that I feel were some of my best despite my place on the podium being just ok. With these successful races, I either hit my personal time goal against very tough competition or had to dig extremely deep to merely get to the finish line.

As you enter race season, spend some time determining what makes a great race looks like for you. Determine what matters most to you in a race and how you will judge that race successful after you cross the finish line. Think beyond just your place on the podium and rely on your coach post-race to offer an objective opinion of the race’s value and success. With this approach, you will learn from every race and improve your long-term development as an athlete and enjoyment of the sport.

Michael Harlow
Head Coach, Founder
Endorphin Fitness

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