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Michael’s Message: Love to Build

Michael’s Message: Love to Build
January 11, 2019 Michael Harlow

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I love building things.  Growing up, I built many tree houses and greatly enjoyed watching the hard work turn into progress.  As I have gotten older, I enjoy building a family and a business, not to mention treehouses for my kids.  I love casting a vision for something that is unmade and watching the vision become reality.

Deep down, I believe this is what I love most about coaching.  Much like a developer who comes upon land and sees a vision for it and then gets the opportunity to build that vision, we as coaches get to do the same with you.  Our initial meeting allows us to survey the land and cast vision. We see potential in you that you cannot begin to understand because you have not witnessed hundreds of other follow the same path as we have.  This vision is one for the physical and the mental. Then over days, weeks, months, and years, we get to build that vision. It takes hard work on both of our parts, but it is extremely gratifying to build.

Whether coached or not, you should enjoy building things.  As an athlete, you get the opportunity to build the most important thing you will ever build… you.

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