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Michael’s Message – The Core Principles of Planning a Successful Season

Michael’s Message – The Core Principles of Planning a Successful Season
December 15, 2017 Nick Seitz

This week, I had the honor of presenting on the topic of designing an annual training plan.  If you missed it, you can watch it live on the EF Facebook Page.  I opened this talk with some core principles which I want to share with you here as you begin to plan your 2018 season.  I emphasized four points:


The Core Principles of Planning A Successful Season


Think Long Term – It is important that when you start planning out a season, you think beyond that one season.  What are your long-term goals in the sport and what do you need to do this season to take another step closer to the big goal(s)?  Successful athletes start small and are consistent year after year.  Triathlon and endurance events are sometimes seen as bucket list items.  With this perspective, some enter the sport with goals of completing a long race (be it Ironman or a marathon) and then being done.  Instead, I encourage you to think more long-term, taking a developmental approach.

Enjoy The Process – Race goals are very important but life happens in the process of working towards these goals.  Being very driven myself, I can appreciate laser focus but try not to miss the joy of the process.  More so, avoid comparing yourself to others who might be further along the journey.  Appreciate where you are today and the improvement you will make today.  The beauty of endurance sports is that it is an individual pursuit of a better you – appreciate this daily.

Build YOUR Training Plan – You are unique.  Don’t assume that the workout you read some pro did or even you saw your friend did on social media is right for you.  Your goals, schedule, strengths, and weaknesses are all unique to you and must be considered in building your training plan.  Don’t be derailed.

Maintain Life Balance – Endurance sports should make your life better, and I mean your whole life.  You should be a happier person, a better friend and spouse, and more motivated at work or school.  Sometimes people get obsessed with their training that other areas of their lives fall apart.  In building your plan, maintain perspective and ensure that you prioritize the important things in your life.

I hope this directs you towards your most productive season yet.  If you need any help, our coaches would be honored to walk alongside you this season.  If your plan is to do it alone, I encourage you to watch the full presentation on the EF Facebook Page and email me at [email protected] for the slides.

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