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Be More. Live Red. It Starts With Believing. – Parker Spencer

Be More. Live Red. It Starts With Believing. – Parker Spencer
September 1, 2016 Michael Harlow

I was in a meeting this past week and was asked, “Why do you think that most people start an exercise program or start training for an event?” Looking back I think that they might have been expecting me to say something like, “because people want to be healthier or want their appearance to look better”. Those reasons are perfectly fine but instead I explained to them what “BE MORE. LIVE RED.” was all about. I told them that deep down I believe that each person wants to be better than they are today. They want to accomplish something bigger and better than they have already accomplished. Starting an exercise program or training for an event is what that is all about. Its about being MORE! I then explained to them that living red was about believing in what you want to accomplish and going ALL IN to make it happen. To accomplish all of this, you have to first believe it is possible. One of my all time favorite quotes comes from American Marathon record holder Ryan Hall states… 

“I believe that God has designed us in such a way that our body is able to do amazing things when we truly believe it is possible. Of course, it is not simply enough to believe without putting in the required training but that inner belief that something is possible can not only play a big role in being able to accomplish the training necessary to produce a big result, but it also empowers us in the moment to achieve something others may consider impossible.” 

Belief is what makes BE MORE obtainable and what can also result in you accomplishing something you never thought possible. I challenge you to start believing in what you want to accomplish next and then go ALL IN to make it happen.

Coach Parker Spencer

Director of Adult Coaching

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