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Good to Great

Good to Great
December 27, 2019 Michael Harlow
If you have read the recent announcements, you know we are in the process of a major renovation at Endorphin Fitness. It is exciting, stressful, and messy. As with every renovation, things always get messier before they get better. We have ripped up flooring, patched walls, dusted 18-foot high ceilings, cut huge holes in walls, and knocked down fixtures – all of which make a huge mess!! Out of that mess is coming something new and beautiful.
This process reminds me of a story I once heard of Tiger Woods. On the top of his game and seemingly unstoppable several years ago, he made a crucial decision to completely revamp his form. This meant getting worse before he got better. Over a year, he completely changed his game fully knowing that it would cost him some victories. In the end, he built a better swing that would ensure his domination for a decade to follow.
At EF, we are pulling a “Tiger Woods.” Unsatisfied with just good, we are seeking to be great. It has been messy and there have been kinks to work out, but we know that in the end we will be better for it.
As we are now in the new year, what changes do you need to make to be great? What tough personal renovations do you need to forge to create a better you. I urge you to do it. Now is the time…today! It is time to go from good to great.

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