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Facing Obstacles

Facing Obstacles
June 20, 2016 Michael Harlow

Things rarely go perfectly.  When they do, cherish the moment as they are few and far between.

This is the case in racing as well.  Rarely does a race go perfectly as planned with no hiccups along the way.  The perfect race does come along from time to time, but usually in races, we are presented with several obstacles along the way that must be overcome.  You get kicked in the swim, your stuff isn’t exactly where you left it in transition, you drop your nutrition, you are behind pace, a volunteer isn’t at the aid station, you cramp – racing is a series of obstacles that must be overcome.  Great races still occur amidst the obstacles if we approach them with the right attitude.

The best athletes are the ones who are able to deal with obstacles best.  Under stress, some of us are able to remain calm whereas others freak out.  Be the calm one!  Remind yourself that everyone will be presented with obstacles but not everyone will deal with them well (like you will).  Look at each obstacle as a challenge – assess the problem, determine a solution, and find the fastest way to that solution, and make it happen (immediately!).

Don’t get wrapped up in the obstacles – they are part of racing.  Embrace them and simply deal with them better than your competitor in racing and in life.  Best of luck with your next obstacle.

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