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In The Eye Of The Hurricane – Michael Harlow

In The Eye Of The Hurricane – Michael Harlow
October 9, 2015 Michael Harlow

Our good friend and store manager, Andy Welch, is dancing with insanity again.  This weekend he will be racing the Ohio RAAM Challenge, a race he has used to qualify for the Race Across America before. This race is already insane with cyclists covering 400 miles in less than 36 hours (Andy has done it in under 25), but this weekend, Andy will do it in pouring rain and heavy winds.  When he told me the weather forecast before heading out, I simply said, “Good thing your tougher than everyone else.”

Over the years, I have learned to embrace bad race conditions.  When things get tough, we really have two choices – either view it as a weakness or a strength.  I choose to view it as a strength.  I choose to tell myself that I am tougher than most and therefore the worse the conditions, the better for me.  I might not actually be tougher than others, but by telling myself I am, I immediately give myself an advantage.  Please note that I said “I choose” because I really do believe it is a choice.  It is a mindset that we either choose to adopt or deny.  Everyone is faced with the same conditions – it is our choice how we view them.

Many of you will be racing this weekend in tough conditions.  Hear me out – you are tougher than most.  This will be an advantage for you. Whereas others will race scared, you will make this your advantage. You are tougher than most – go make this a reality.


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