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Defining Yourself – Michael Harlow

Defining Yourself – Michael Harlow
March 11, 2016 Michael Harlow

Who are you as an athlete?  Do you see yourself as an athlete at all?

How you view yourself will either be your greatest asset or greatest limiter.  As athletes, which is anyone who pushes themselves to be better physically, we must see ourselves as capable.  We must constantly reinforce a positive image of ourselves internally so we can rely on it in battle and in life…when things get tough.

Unfortunately, we often allow ourselves to not see past the last bad workout we had.  We allow one negative experience to overshadow weeks of great workouts.  This is magnified when the negative experience occurs at a race.

I encourage you to keep a spreadsheet, notebook, or what have you of positive workouts.  Write down all the good workouts you experience, creating a database of positive experiences.  Then review them often, especially when you are doubting yourself and especially as you approach a key race.  Allow the positive workouts to frame a belief system that you can depend on…a belief system that will set the stage for more positive workouts.


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