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Book Club with Coach Michael

Book Club with Coach Michael
October 4, 2019 Michael Harlow

Welcome to book club with Coach Michael Harlow.  ????


This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite endurance training and racing books.  As athletes, we need to be students of the sport.  By doing so, we will increase our knowledge, motivation, and performance.  In this vein, I encourage you to read some of the great endurance titles below…


Matt Fitzgerald’s Iron War – If you are looking for motivation as well as a little history on the sport of triathlon, check out this edge-of-your-seat documentary of one of the greatest duels in triathlon history between Mark Allen and Dave Scott.


Joe Friel’s Power Meter Handbook – If you are thinking about using a power meter or currently have one, grab this book today.  This provides an easy-to-read guide to the world of power meter training.


Jack Daniels’ Daniels’ Running Formula – This is one of my favorite running books by one of the greatest running coaches of all time.  Daniels’ explains the science behind running and getting faster better than anyone.


Joe Friel’s Triathletes Training Bible – This is a classic and its original form progressed the sport considerably.  It was my first true exposure to the science behind the sport when it was introduced in the late 90s and remains a favorite of mine today.


Ryan Hall’s Run the Mile You’re In – Written by one of America’s great distance runners, this book parallels running with life and provides motivation for both.


Stan Beecham’s Elite Minds – This book takes you into the minds of the top athletes, businesspeople, and high performers to share how their minds drove their success.


We hope you enjoyed book club this week and will pick up one of these titles this week.  Enjoy!


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