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Athlete Spotlight: Alessandro & Andrea Bovo

Athlete Spotlight: Alessandro & Andrea Bovo
November 19, 2019 Michael Harlow

We have coached Andrea Bovo since 2013 and since watched him thrive.  Following in his dad’s footsteps, Andrea’s son Alessandro joined the EF youth team in 2018 and has taken off as well.  We could not be prouder of this dynamite father-son duo and what they have accomplished together.  Read their story in their own words below…


Tell us about your journey to endurance sports.  How did you get started?

Andrea – I started my endurance journey with EF in 2013. I played competitive soccer all my life and before then I only had a half marathon under my belt. I still do not know why I started, probably I needed a challenge to compensate the fact that after an ACL surgery I could not play to the same level as before. Running is an easy transition from soccer, biking was a bit more of a challenge as it had always been just a vehicle to go buy the newspaper and I did not know how to swim.

Alessandro – I played soccer for 5 years. I was a goalkeeper. After my 2018 season I was tired of the sport and chose to train with Endorphin.  I was mainly interested in biking but was also motivated to improve my swimming.  At first, I was reluctant to try running, but after a few sessions, I really liked it.


When was your first race?  Tell us about it. 

Andrea – I signed up for an Olympic (Jamestown 2013), but my actual first race was Richmond Tri Sprint. Kyle suggested that I put an easy one (local, pool swim) to understand what I got myself into. I had a ton of fun and despite my awkwardness and lack of experience in all aspects (transition still is, as I view it more as a half time in a soccer game, rather than part of the sport) I felt at ease. Did not expect that at all.

Alessandro – My first race was Smithfield Sprint in 2019. My time was 1:08:42. I overall enjoyed the experience and looked forward to participating in another race.


What is your greatest accomplishment in the sport? 

Andrea – Definitively being able to swim (not as gracefully as others) and going from a hate to love(ish) relationship with it.

Alessandro – Improving my run time and my swim time


What is your biggest goal right now? 

Andrea – I just finished Ironman Florida so my mind is more on recovering and focusing on all other aspects of life that are effected by IM training. My bucket list has NY marathon sometime in the future and few other IM, maybe in Europe.

Alessandro – My biggest goal right now is just too keep getting faster


What motivates you?

Andrea – I honestly do not know. On my flight back from Florida I started to write down why I get so overwhelmed with emotions approaching the lights of an Ironman finish and I wrote a post on my Facebook page. People say if the why is strong the how is easy. I do not have a strong why or a higher cause as others might have. I just think that the journey and the training is awesome.

Alessandro – Getting faster and fitter


Outside of training and racing, what are other important things in your life? 

Andrea – I manage a company with 35 employees and I often travel. My wife and I have two kids which are very active (Alessandro who trains with EF and is part of the high school robotics team and Christopher who plays travel outdoor and Futsal soccer). My wife has a big role in us being able to train but I am extremely flexible in my training (thanks to Kyle) to be able to be an active part in their life.

Alessandro – Outside of training and racing I am part of a robotics team


How has training and racing impacted the rest of your life?

Andrea – Being active has always been part of my life and my wife’s life. We are all active and share the same motivation which makes it a lot easier to support each other. See the boys relating to sports that are or have been important in my life makes me extremely happy.

Alessandro – Training has made me a more organized and focused person.


Why did you choose to train with Endorphin Fitness? 

Andrea – I can easily say that without EF and Peluso Open Water I would not have been able to progress in the sport let alone complete three Ironmans. I was very overwhelmed when I started, and EF was the most complete approach to triathlon. The EF community and its athletes have been extremely supportive and being able to train alongside them and seeing what they can achieve, pushes the boundaries of what seems feasible for you.

Alessandro – My dad trains with Endorphin so I decided to give it a shot.


What do you love most about training with Endorphin Fitness?

Andrea – I still remember the first conversation with Kyle. I told him almost embarrassed that I signed up for an Olympic race that at that time seemed an insurmountable task. He asked me if I was able to swim 500 m without stopping. I said that I was still working on it expecting a lot of concern from his part. He said not to worry, we will be ready. This is EF for me. If you are committed, they’ll get you where you want to go.

Alessandro – I love the great sense of community with the people who train there.


Anything you would like to add?

Andrea – Due to my crazy schedule it is very hard for me to train with the rest of the group anymore which is disappointing because I enjoy the group training.  The races are where I see all my friends and being on the course and seeing RED makes me feel part of the EF community.

Alessandro – Not at this time.

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