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July 1, 2016 Michael Harlow

We have all reached that breaking point – that point when you say you cannot go another step, turn the pedal over once more, or take one more stroke.  Be it a workout or race, you are done.  Are you really though?
There was a study done once on a group of cyclists.  They had the cyclists complete a test to exhaustion riding until they stated they could not ride any more.  Then upon the statement of exhaustion, without knowledge beforehand, they said sprint.  Every one of the cyclists was able to produce a decent sprint despite just stating that this very thing was impossible.

Are we really done?  I don’t believe we ever are.  I believe that our mind protects us from going that small (or large) amount more.  I believe we always have the potential to go a little faster if we can get past where our mind is stopping us.

In a workout or race, you have to remind yourself that your mind will always stop you before your body really needs to.  Don’t be done yet.

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