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Christy Murrell

Christy Murrell is our Athlete of the Week!

Christy grew up a gymnast and has always been physically active. In 2013, she completed her first 13.1 and crossed the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim in June 2014. During her Grand Canyon adventure, she decided one day that she wanted to do an Ironman. In the fall of 2014, she did her first sprint triathlon and loved it! However, in January 2015, Christy broke her foot and had to have surgery to repair it in March of that year. After losing the entire triathlon season to physical therapy and rehab, 2016 was full of fitness and fun for Christy! She ran a half marathon in Zion National Park, completed her first 70.3 at Ironman Eagleman 70.3, crossed the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim again as support staff, AND managed to complete a number of smaller triathlons and road races. For Christy, 2017 was a season of progression that began with a super sprint and just ended in December with Ironman Taupo 70.3 in New Zealand.

Endorphin Fitness has coached Christy since May 2017. A good friend suggested that Christy consider EF after she experienced some injuries related to over-training that left her unable to run for eight weeks. Christy had read about the Endorphin philosophy and liked what she read. After emailing Coach Kevin and speaking with him on the phone, she was impressed by his knowledge base and liked his ideas on how she could approach training differently. Kevin was open to working with Christy’s physical therapy to get her back to the sport safely and was genuinely excited to help her, so Christy jumped right in!

Endorphin Fitness has taught Christy to Be More with the respect and support that she is shown by her coach, as well as the knowledge he has shared to help her realize she is capable of far more than she ever believed. In turn, that has lead Christy to share her journey with others, inspiring them to Be More. Christy says, “It’s a ripple effect!”

As far as race distances go, Christy has done everything from super sprint to 70.3 to a duathlon. The Olympic distance is her favorite. Christy recently did Ironman Taupo 70.3, which is her favorite race experience, specifically the run course. She did the first two laps along side a local triathlete and the third alone, taking in the experience of a lifetime. After an early season injury, Christy wasn’t sure a race in New Zealand was in the books for her, but she made it and truly enjoyed every mile. Christy didn’t have such a great time in Luray, which she recounts as her least favorite race experience. She fell off the bike at the dismount line because she had new pedals that were adjusted too tight and couldn’t get unclipped. Christy says, “it really messed with my head!”

When thinking about triathlon as a whole, Christy says her favorite part is what the training teachers her about herself, the whole journey to the finish line. She loves the opportunity to learn and the adventure that comes with it. To top it all off, “the triathlon community is pretty amazing as well,” comments Christy.

Christy had a great season full of humility, gratitude, and a few PRs. For this season, she strives to become a stronger cyclist, continue to learn, refine her skills, and to have fun at USAT AG Nationals.

When we asked Christy to close our interview with some advice for beginners she had this to say, “surround yourself with positive role models and a coach who listens and wants what’s best for you. Always look for opportunities to learn or help teach someone else what you know. Listen to your body and respect what it gives you each day. Trust your training even on the hard days when you want to quit. Be patient and consistent. Enjoy the journey and don’t ever let a number on the clock define your strength! Oh, and have fun!”


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  1. EAB 6 years ago

    Christy is awesome. Nothing can keep her down. She is an inspiration. Love ya CLDM!

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