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Athlete of the Week – Caleb Harlow

Our Athlete of the Week this week is Caleb Harlow after his breakthrough run last weekend at the Healthy Kids Running Series.

After nominating Caleb, Coach Erin Horil had this to say about Caleb- “Caleb is an extraordinary addition to our youth program. While gentle and happy in spirit, Caleb has a fierce passion for improving as an athlete and person. He is constantly striving to do things correctly, and better than before! Even more importantly, he is a team player, encourages those around him, and is humble. I enjoy each opportunity I get to coach him, especially when I get to see the dynamic of him working hard AND laughing with his friends all in the same practice as he so often does.”

Caleb first started with Endorphin Fitness 6 years ago, when he was 5 years old. He loved biking wit his dad and watching his dad race. He thought it looked exciting and wanted to join.

At first, Caleb was very timid, but has gotten progressively more competitive over the years. Just recently, he took this competitive spirit to a new level. This summer he started pushing himself higher in the RVA Splash & Dash series- competing at a higher level. His times and places both started dropping. It has been a goal of Caleb’s to break a 7-minute mile for the past 3 years. Just last weekend, he did the first race of the Fall Healthy Kids Running Series and took off from the very start. It paid off and he earned a 1-minute mile personal record 6:24! His hard work and dedication to reach a goal is why he deserves to be selected for Athlete of the Week. Caleb’s next goal? Breaking a 6-minute mile!

Triathlon has taught Caleb how to set and achieve goals. For example, when he first started with the team he didn’t even know how to swim! But, he knew in his heart that he wanted to do a triathlon; so he set a goal and achieved it.

Caleb’s favorite race was Youth Triathlon Nationals because of the open-water swim and very thrilling bike course.

So far this season is going really well for Caleb. Caleb’s goals include his 6 minute mile, 50 yard swim under 40 seconds, and earning a spot in the top 10 at Nationals.

When asked about his least favorite race, Caleb says there has never been a race that he has not enjoyed. However, he knows that his favorite part of the race is the running.

Caleb’s advice to beginners? “Don’t give up even when it’s hard.”


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