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Athlete of the Week – Dawn Carter


Our Athlete of the Week is Dawn Carter!

Dawn is a great example of how to balance a busy life alongside triathlon training. Managing a home life with young children, working full time, which includes plenty of travel across the country, and managing her health (Dawn is a cancer survivor) seems like it would be a full enough plate for anyone. Not for Dawn! Never afraid of a challenge she has found that triathlon fits the bill. She loves the training as well as her EF team and feels the sport helps her be the best version of herself possible. While Dawn has been racing triathlons for only two years she has already competed in a myriad of races including Escape from Alcatraz and she is looking forward to NC 70.3 in a few short weeks. She puts a lot of emphasis on proper nutrition, getting enough sleep and recovery, and listening to her body to train effectively.

This past weekend Dawn raced Giant Acorn International and displayed the qualities of a true champion throughout the race. While on her way to a PR on the bike course she got a flat tire but undeterred, she kept going once it was fixed. Then she dropped her chain…twice, AND had some stomach issues which meant a couple more pit stops. Many athletes would have thrown in the towel at this point as they came back to T2 to see that the race was wrapping up. Dawn wouldn’t consider quitting however, she began the first lap of the challenging 10k as the heat of the day was reaching it’s peak. Continuing on for her second lap as other racers were headed home, she was in good spirits, thanking volunteers for being out there as she finished her race. Dawn showed the spirit of a champion out there. While many athletes would have quit and called it a day rather than finish while others were leaving, Dawn did what comes naturally to her. She ENDURED which is truly the heart of the sport! Team EF is really proud of Dawn, she is a great example to us all!


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