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Annika Rogerson

Our Athlete of the Week is Annika Rogerson!

Annika combines competitive drive with a spunky attitude, which makes her a valuable member of our team! Even though she’s been on the team for the past few years, she continues to take the initiative to improve herself, which is critical to athletic development. Additionally, she is always cracking jokes and making the practice environment more fun! Recently, her swimming has been taking the spotlight with her qualification for the VA short course AND long course all star teams.

Annika has always loved swimming. She has been on the competitive swim team since she was five years old. She swims with her family swim team “R3” for USA swimming. She also swims for the Goochland YMCA swim team! Annika enjoys mountain biking her family at Powhatan State Park as well. Her first experience with running has been with Endorphin Fitness.

Annika joined the Endorphin Fitness youth team in May 2016 after participating in an EF youth camp for the Power Kids Triathlon. She thought the EF camp was “super fun with great coaches who motivated her to do the triathlon”.

The main goal for Annika this season is to win a triathlon. So far the season is going great and she is well on her way to her goal. She is already doing so much better with biking and running.

There are many races under Annika’s belt, including kids triathlons, Splash & Dashes, the Short Pump Mile, and Healthy Kids Running Series. Her favorite part about triathlon is “the end where you have to sprint to the finish as hard as you possibly can even if you don’t have anything left. “ Annika also really enjoys the post-race celebrations with her friends.

Last year, Annika participated in the Virginia Age Group Swimming Championship and was on the Virginia swimming team for the Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championship. However, her favorite race was a triathlon, the Summer Sizzling Triathlon.

Endorphin Fitness has taught Annika to “Be More” by learning “not to give up, even though you are tired.” For example, “in the triathlon, you swim your very best, bike your fastest, and you still give your all for the run.” Annika says the kids at EF are fast, and they push you to the limit. But, EF coaches make it fun.

When we asked Annika if she had any advice for beginners, she said, “try your best and do not give up.”



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