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Why Racing?

Why Racing?
November 11, 2016 Michael Harlow
All my life, I have been involved in competitive sports.  Why?  Because I love competition.  I love knowing that I am preparing for something – that the hard work I am putting in will be tested, against others and myself.  This is what fuels me, gets me out of bed, makes me push hard every workout, and ultimately drives me to my goals.  This is my motivation.
Triathlon and other endurance sports provide me this outlet, and the coolest part about it is that they are life-long sports.  In my opinion, they are the best way to get and stay in shape because they provide that goal.  I personally could not work out just for the sake of working out.  I need a goal and competition that I can focus on in preparation. Racing provides me this and keeps me motivated throughout.
If you are struggling with motivation and need purpose, I invite you to sign up for a race and then give us a call so we can guide you to it.  I believe it will change your perspective on working out and motivate you in ways you did not think were possible.  We would be honored to partner with you to make the journey an amazing one.

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