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Team Work – Michael Harlow

Team Work – Michael Harlow
November 18, 2016 Michael Harlow
There is something special about a group of people joining together to work towards a common goal.  This is intensified if that goal is challenging and forces every member of the group to be their absolute best.  Usually, I find that people are willing to give more to a team goal than an individual goal.  We see this in swimming a lot as people swim their fastest times in a relay vs individual event, not wanting to let down the team.  There is something about that collective spirit that brings out the best in people.  I also find that team accomplishments bond people together in unimaginable ways and these bonds tend to last a lifetime.
Tomorrow, we have two team meetings – one for the juniors at 7am (EF) and another for our adults at 1pm (Stone Brewery).  At these meetings, we will discuss common goals that we will bond together in order to achieve this coming year.  Some of these goals might be related to races and athletic endeavors while others may be directed at impacting the community.  Tomorrow will define our vision for 2017.  Please make a point to be there and come with ideas and an excited spirit.  For those not able to make it, please send your thoughts to me at [email protected].  2017 is going to be a great one!
Be More. Live Red.
Michael Harlow
EF Founder & Head Coach

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