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Reality Makes For Bad TV – Camille Ronesi

Reality Makes For Bad TV – Camille Ronesi
November 3, 2015 Michael Harlow


There is nothing like knowing that a new human is joining your home in a few months to rekindle the nesting fires.  We’ve been painting, rearranging, and purging since May and I don’t see any signs of us slowing down. I am finding myself frustrated time and again with how SLOW some of the projects are going.  I have my “Before” photos stashed on my phone, impatiently awaiting their better halves so that they can make their proud debut on Instagram.  Why, oh why, can’t I have my “Big Reveal”?

I realized the other day, that my impatience was firmly grounded in fantasy. My concept of how long a home makeover takes is defined by 30 minute shows on TLC and articles in “This Old House”.  It’s almost impossible for a production to encapsulate how much time a normal project takes and it is certainly impossible for us in reality to replicate the 24-hour magical overhauls that entire crews are able to perform.  In short, I look at my home projects, impatient for the big reveal when in actuality I need to bunker down to the realities of things like a 48-hour dry time for mortar.

Too often, we see the finish line without seeing the training.  Even shows that make no secret over a year of hard work such as “Extreme Weight Loss” offers us the audience the immediate gratification of body transformation in just 1 hour.

We have to let go of the dream.  There is no Big Reveal.  Those big moments are for the outsiders, the ones who only see you occasionally and are pleasantly stunned by how great you look.  You, however, you will know about every drop of sweat, every ounce of determination, and every moment of weakness and triumph that got you to where you are now.  You will know of a saga that has been a matter of months and years measured out in days and meals.

You will earn your finish line.  You will earn your proud moments in front of the mirror, in the dressing room, or at the family football game.  You will make it through the first week, then the first month, then the first year.  Many times you will realize that you accomplished something you never could have done before: a pain-free run, a deadlift personal record, a day without sugar.  Your story could be told in a 30-minute makeover show, but it is going to be your reality every day.  Hope for a great story but make it an even greater reality.

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