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Race Results: Mar 31 – Apr 1

Race Results: Mar 31 – Apr 1
April 7, 2017 Michael Harlow

Awesome weekend of racing for Endorphin Fitness at the Monument Avenue 10k, I Ride for David TT, Bermuda Road Race, Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Charlottesville Marathon, Healthy Kids Run Series, and several local track meets.

At the Monument Avenue 10k, Julie Patterson was third overall female followed by Kathleen Lautzenheiser in 5th overall! PRs were set by Andrew Rose (6th age group), Leah Gillespie, Monica Woodward, Paul Croston, Matt Winheim, Heather Williams, Judy Seibel, Coach Andrew Callihan, and Jackson Wright. Super strong races from Nancy Faux, Julie Julian, “Walt” Walter, Maggie Geoghegan, Eric Glymph, Katie Letchworth, Caroline Osenga, Mollye Goldberg, Sadie Goldberg, Brad Johnson, Dawn Carter, Becca Rosner, Arushi Mitra, and Tiffany Norris. Congrats to all!

Allyson Wolf won the Open/Triathlete category in the I Ride for David TT.

Ian and Nick Pilgrim mixed it up in a road race in Bermuda where Nick took 4th!

Marc Gomez and Katie Palavecino raced the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and had great races!

Alex Lienhert set a big marathon PR running 3:37:17 at the super hilly Charlottesville Marathon to take 4th place age group.

Hannah Lupica finished a strong 4th in the 2-mile event at the JR Tucker Track Meet on Saturday. Kylie Bonser and Lucy Poh both won their respective events at their track meet on Wednesday.

Luke Craven ran a strong race at the VA 529 Kid’s Run taking 2nd overall as did Riggs, Brown Ukrop, and Matthew Estes who both had strong races.

The first race of the Spring Healthy Kids Run Series was yesterday with Endorphin Fitness athletes having some impressive results. In the Pre-K division, Colby Harlow took 6th. In the K-1st division, Zach Fisher took 2nd on the boy’s side while Ellie Harlow took 2nd (PR) and Hattie Wells 5th (PR) on the girl’s side. In the 2nd-3rd grade division, Riggs Ukrop took 2nd (PR) and Cannen Harlow 5th (PR) on the boy’s side while Hadley Harlow took 7th (PR), Hazel Gillespie 9th (first race), and Austin Harlow 10th (PR) on the girl’s side. In the 4th-5th grade division, Luke Craven took 3rd (PR), Patrick Harlow 6th (PR), Caleb Harlow 8th (PR), and Armistead Butler 10th (first race) on the boy’s side while Maddie Fisher took 1st (PR), Hazel Wells 3rd (PR), and Campbell Rowe 7th (first race) on the girl’s side.

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