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Race Results 7/28-7/30

Race Results 7/28-7/30
August 1, 2017 Nick Seitz

We had another great weekend of results for Endorphin Fitness athletes!

EF Junior Cycling Team member Lucas Pound qualified for and raced the Enduro World Series this weekend, with strong races both Saturday and Sunday.

Erin and Michael had a family of athletes race the Leadville Stage Race this weekend with amazing results.

The Leadville Stage Race is a 3 day race covering a leg of the famous Leadville 100 Miler each day.  Sander Elliott, Jason Elliott, and Katie Elliott all had great races with Katie and Sander both taking 2nd in their age groups and getting automatic bids to the Leadville 100 next year.

Sarah Patthoff finished the Ohio 70.3.

Matt Winheim finished 10th overall at the Cul de Sac 5k.

Michelle Fang had a strong race at the Pony Pasture 5k.

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