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Race With Purpose – Michael Harlow

Race With Purpose – Michael Harlow
March 17, 2016 Michael Harlow

As a team, we will be supporting the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation this weekend at the Shamrock Half Marathon – racing in the memory of Cameron and supporting her cause.

Two years ago, I stood on the balcony of a condo overlooking the boardwalk having recently finished my race.  Below me was Jerry Frostick, a long-time friend and race director of the Shamrock Marathon. He was standing on the corner of the boardwalk awaiting the arrival of the first elite marathoners.  As the elites approached, Jerry took a call. The elites passed while Jerry remained on the phone.  Something was wrong.

No one knew the impact Cameron Galagher’s life was about to make. Cameron passed away shortly after crossing the finish line on that day due to an undiagnosed heart condition but her vision and spirit will never die. Since that fateful day, Cameron has reached hundreds of thousands of people for the cause of childhood depression.  More so, Cameron has saved nearly as many through her own.  Cameron had a vision to bring to light childhood depression, and through her unfortunate death, this vision has exploded reaching people worldwide.

Cameron, we are honored to be part of your vision.  God has used you to impact the world.  Thank you for your vision and spirit.

Let’s all run with Cameron this weekend.

To learn more about the Cameron K Gallagher foundation and get involved, visit https://speakup5k.com.


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