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One Rock At A Time

One Rock At A Time
May 31, 2019 Michael Harlow

Recently, I took one of my daughters to Lake Sherando to do some hiking. If you have ever been to Lake Sherando, you may have noticed the giant rockslide that extends from the base of the adjoining mountain all the way to the top. She did not know what I had planned, but we were going to climb that rockslide.

From the base of the mountain, the face of thousands of rocks extending vertically can quickly become overwhelming. As we started out on our journey, I began to think of goal setting as it relates to this challenge before us. Our goals are oftentimes top of the mountain goals which are oftentimes many years out.  To achieve them, we have countless steps to be made before we can even see the top. You might feel like you are at the base of a mountain and that goal is so far away with countless rocks to overcome beforehand. If this is the case, it is important that you focus on one rock at a time.

Many get overwhelmed with the whole journey and cannot begin to take the first step. It is important that we get started…one rock at a time. As we do this, we always keep our eyes on the big goal as well as recognizing how far we have come but most of our focus needs to target the present. We need to stay on the task (or rock) before us at that moment. It might take years to get to your ultimate goal but you will only get there by taking it one rock at a time.

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