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It’s About Your Money – Camille Ronesi

It’s About Your Money – Camille Ronesi
October 9, 2015 Michael Harlow

It’s about your money.

I had a recent experience that, though not novel, served as a vivid example of how people talk and money votes.   As a part of my family’s never-ending home improvement  we are refinishing the fireplace, replacing our wood mantle with a stone surround.  For the quickest, most reliable referrals I went to my favorite resource: Facebook.  Within an hour, I had a list of local vendors complete with positive reviews from people I trusted.  Within a week, I was at one of said vendors where a salesperson walked me through the entire process.  She was professional, knowledgeable, and patient.

But, I thought.  I wonder how much I would save if I just ordered online?  So I went home and went to my second favorite resource: Google.  Within seconds, there where my tiles from vendors all over the country.  I searched, found a good deal, and put together an order.  My grand total savings was between $40-$80.  For $50 in savings, I would be an anonymous shopper for a company that won’t have to spend any more time on me.  It felt wrong.  So I opted to spend the extra money and ordered from the local vendor.  In exchange, I spoke in person with the people as they loaded the tile into my car.  The saleswoman who dealt with my naive questions and multiple phone calls and emails, all with good humor and expertise, will likely have earned a commission.  If I screw up the installation (and, let’s face it, there’s a good chance I’m going to screw up) I know that I will have a local resource that can walk me through the correction.

It boils down to two things:
1.  The power of the referral.
Goodness knows it is the most important way that my business grows but I also know that I rely on others for advice.  Sure, at Endorphin Fitness, we rely on your referral power; but, did you know that we keep your business cards in the gym?  Clients have connected for anything from pet sitting to massages to pediatric care.  We are a local business but we are also a local community.  Your local community.  Take advantage!
2.  The power of the almighty dollar.
If we want a business to continue to exist, than it is our responsibility to shop there rather than looking for the cheapest experience, er… price.  If we use them for expertise, then certainly we can fork over a few extra dollars to make sure they are there for us next time.  Sometimes Amazon and Starbucks will win out and that’s ok.  When you can, though, let your money vote for the local guy.  It’s more powerful than you can believe.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community.  Thank you for supporting Endorphin Fitness.  We take pride in being your resource for expertise.  We hope that we can always be that for you.


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