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Michael’s Message: Windows of Opportunity

Michael’s Message: Windows of Opportunity
December 7, 2018 Nick Seitz
windows of opportunity

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Endurance sports consist of windows of opportunities – critical moments which ultimately decide the race’s outcome.  Good athletes are able to recognize these windows of opportunities when they appear. Great athletes take this a step further and jump through these windows no matter how tired when they appear.  My experience is that windows of opportunity rarely surface when we are 100% ready.

This is the case in sport but also life.  The most successful among us recognize windows of opportunity in school, business, or personal passions and seize them.  Often times the window only opens for a brief moment, but these people seize them no matter how tired, stressed, busy, or financially imperfect the timing is.  They refuse to allow a window of opportunity pass by them.

Next time you see that window of opportunity open, jump.

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