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Michael’s Message: Updates from the Youth Olympic Games

Michael’s Message: Updates from the Youth Olympic Games
October 12, 2018 Michael Harlow
youth olympic games
I wanted to take an opportunity to write my message from Buenos Aires, Argentina while I am here representing the US as the triathlon coach at the Youth Olympic Games.  One of the most special parts about being here is debriefing with the other US coaches from the various sports at the end of each day.
I am rooming with seven other US coaches and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing stories of the competitions each day, but more importantly, the back-stories that led to those victories or defeats.  In listening, it has struck me that none of the wins have come without trial and small margins. Every victory was a drama that played out to the very end and was decided by pivotal opportunities that were either recognized or missed.
Competition is a game of opportunity.  The good athletes can recognize game winning opportunities when they arise.  The great athletes can not only recognize them but also are willing to seize them no matter how physically or mentally tired they are at that moment.
If you are competing this weekend, look for these opportunities and seize them.  This may come during a portion of the race when someone surges and you must close the gap, or it may come when you feel yourself slow and must decide to maintain pace or start slowing down.
I believe this also applies to life.  The most successful among us recognize opportunities and take them even if the timing is not right.  To succeed, we must recognize and seize opportunities.

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