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Michael’s Message – More Than One

Michael’s Message – More Than One
November 25, 2017 Nick Seitz

More Than One

I believe there is tremendous power in a team.  Being responsible for more than oneself is a significant motivator.   It drives us to dig deeper in training, racing, business, and life to accomplish more than we would for ourselves alone.  And after the battle, the celebrations are sweeter when part of a team and the losses not quite as bad when you have others to shoulder them with.  There is great power here.

This core belief in teamwork is woven into the very fabric of Endorphin Fitness.  Whereas most endurance coaches are simply individuals coaching individuals, I had a vision for more 13 years ago.  This vision included creating a team of coaches and a team of athletes.

Endorphin Fitness is built upon a team of the very best coaches in the industry who use their individual strengths to create better coaching than any one coach could provide alone.  Together, we share our individual wisdom and experiences for the betterment of our athletes.  Together, we are also able to offer more services and support for our athletes to ensure they have absolutely everything they need for success.

In addition, we emphasize team with our athletes.  While seeking to offer an extraordinary personal experience for our athletes, we connect our athletes as a team.  From training to racing to doing life together, our athletes benefit from the support of like-minded people.  And when things are difficult, they rely on this to overcome.

On this Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for my team.  To our staff and athletes, thank you for choosing to be part of this team.

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