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Michael’s Message – Merry Christmas

Michael’s Message – Merry Christmas
December 23, 2017 Nick Seitz

Merry Christmas

I thought of several topics for today’s message but all seemed trivial to simply saying Merry Christmas.  During the busyness of the season, all of us at Endorphin Fitness hope that you take a moment – either during a workout, with family, or in just he stillness of a morning – and reflect on the year.  We hope that these reflections are filled with memories of accomplishing goals you did not know were possible this time last year.  We hope it is filled with memories of friendships formed while training and racing.  We hope that it is filled with positive reflections and excitement for the year to come.

For me, it will be filled with tons of memories of watching you all learn to be more and sharing this with our amazing staff.  I am forever thankful for these memories and look forward to making many more with you all in the coming years.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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