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In It For The Right Reasons

In It For The Right Reasons
May 17, 2019 Michael Harlow

We need to dig deep and determine the why behind our training.
For me, I used to think the podium is what drove me. Over the years, I realized it was something much deeper that kept me pushing during the hardest times. I love the way endurance sports make me feel and I love the pursuit of my top potential.
Why do you train when there are many easier things you could do with your time? Peel back the layers and keep asking why it is important to you. What is that one core reason that would be hard to live without? You need to decide right now what drives you. To stay high performing in the sport for the
long-haul, this needs to be more than superficial. It needs to be about more than social status, parental approval, or results. It needs to be deeper than this, and I believe if you dig deep, most of you will find it is.
By tapping into this why, you will find joy in the process. It will become about more than the results and instead focus on the improvement over time. You will quickly see value in the workout apart from just the result which will in turn drive you harder. I encourage you to determine your why today.

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