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Why I Got Hooked – Michael Harlow

Why I Got Hooked – Michael Harlow
September 4, 2015 Michael Harlow

I raced my first triathlon when I was ten years old.  I wasn’t in the best shape, did moderate training, finished ok, and I had a blast!  It did not matter how I placed, I was in love with how this sport made me feel.  I was proud of what I had accomplished and wanted to feel that way again.  I wanted to get faster and loved that I controlled my results by how hard I worked.  The sport immediately impacted my life.

I have spent this week coaching the VA Home for Boys and Girls Youth Triathlon Camp.  Fifteen kids who live at the VHBG attended the camp in addition to 30 from the community.  This week, I got to watch a ton of kids fall in love with the sport like I did 23 years ago.  Every day, they accomplished something new and realized they could do more than they thought possible.  They were empowered to be more.

Tomorrow I will watch many of them realize a dream while others enjoy the sport that they already love.  Triathlon is special, and the fitness and self-confidence it gives you is life changing.  This is why I say it is the greatest sport in the world.  If you are free tomorrow from 8-11am, stop by The Va Home for Boys and Girls at 8716 West Broad Street and watch something special.  Bring your kids also because there is no better sport for them to experience.

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