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Goal Setting to Ensure Success – Michael Harlow

Goal Setting to Ensure Success – Michael Harlow
December 9, 2015 Michael Harlow

How are you going to BE MORE this year?

We have been passing around goal cards for the past month encouraging you to write down your goals.  They are slowly trickling in but I wonder if some of you may be struggling with how to set goals. So, I thought I would help!  Here are some goal setting strategies that have helped me over the years:

Strategy #1: Use the SMART Acronym – Make sure your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and bound to a specific time-frame.  Your goal needs to meet all of these criteria to be truly successful.

Strategy #2: Make It Motivating – This goal is what you are going to depend on this year to drive you during tough times – make sure your goal motivates you! Motivating goals will stretch you as well – igniting some healthy butterflies in your stomach about the possibility of achieving the goal.  That is what you want – that excitement will drive you throughout the year.

Strategy #3: Write It Down or Tell Someone –  You need to set it in stone!  You can do this by either writing the goal down or telling someone who will keep you accountable.  This is why we want you to fill out the goal sheets – doing so greatly increases your chance of actually accomplishing your goal.

Strategy #4: Get Started Now – As soon as you set your goal, get working to accomplish it!  The first step is to set an action plan to accomplish your goal.  List specific objectives that will provide stepping stones to your main goal.  Once the objectives are clearly defined, start stepping!  Don’t wait until later to get started – start now and never stop until the goal is accomplished.

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