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Coaching: A Bad Business Model

Coaching: A Bad Business Model
February 7, 2020 Michael Harlow

Last weekend, we hosted our annual youth and junior time trials where our athletes raced each other in a duathlon format.  As athletes were digging deep to get the finish line as fast as possible, my brother commented, “You know, it is tough to find kids who want to push themselves this hard, and on top of that pay you for it.”  I laughed but honestly the comment stuck with me for a few days, and I wrestled with it from a business model.  Then I had an epiphany…


Whether it be youth or adult, we aren’t selling the pain, hard work, masochistic nature of endurance sports.  No, we are selling the result of all that.  Yes, as endurance athletes we tend to enjoy the hard work in many ways but what we can’t get enough of is the feeling of euphoria that comes afterwards.  There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment.  This alone is one of the easiest things in the world to sell and why we have had the good fortune of coaching so many athletes over the years.


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