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Zack Campbell

Zack has been with Endorphin Fitness as a bike mechanic since 2018.  Zack came to EF with an education in engineering from the Specialty Center for Engineering at Highland Springs High School and a passion for bikes.  He knew how to disassemble and service nearly anything in the bike world.  Under the guidance of EF’s chief mechanic, Andrew Wolak, Zack has developed into a master mechanic who can successfully work on any bike that comes into our shop.  Zack’s enjoyed riding bikes on the local Richmond trails since he was in elementary school and looks forward to future cycling experiences on trails, gravel, and roads.  Zack has a great knowledge of mountain biking and gravel riding, and he brings this insight into the shop to guide trail riders, gravel riders, and mountain bikers to the right service and parts to make their bikes as fast as possible.



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