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Jonathan Cotten

Jonathan Cotten has been working with Endorphin for a few short weeks. As the owner of Good Feet in Richmond, he understands the importance of runners using good running technique so he reached out to us to get a run gait analysis. This led to working with Coach Ryan Middleton through personal coaching. He recently finished the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. After a short turnaround, he was scheduled to run the Richmond Marathon in honor of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), specifically in memory of the son of John Ganues. John Ganeus unfortunately lost his son to suicide 7 years ago, which was 5 days before his son was scheduled to deploy to Iraq. Jonathan was moved by his story and set out to make a difference. Jonathan is a perfect of example of someone using a gift or talent for a greater cause. Although still recovering from Marine Corps, Jonathan finished the Richmond Marathon with true determination in honor of John Ganues and this family. We are proud to have Jonathan part of the Endorphin Fitness family.


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