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Hattie Wells

Our Athlete of the Week is Hattie Wells!

Hattie started taking swimming lessons at NOVA when she turned 2.5 years old. It was then that she started riding her older sister Hazel’s old balance bike. When she finally started riding a pedal bike, Hattie was 3 years old. It was just a year later, when she turned 4, that Hattie completed her first triathlon. Since her first race, she has done many more and wins trophies in swimming, running, and triathlons.

The EF tri kit has always been part of Hattie’s race day attire since she was 4 years old at her first triathlon. Hattie didn’t officially join the EF team until she turned 5 years old. Hattie wanted to be like her big sister Hazel and she wanted to win.

Kid’s triathlons, swim team, and running races are all under Hattie’s belt. Last year, she ran the ½ mile, but this year she has been running the mile and even ran her first 5k a few weeks ago. Hattie liked the 5k the best because she wasn’t sure if she could do it before they started.

So far this season has gone really well for Hattie, but she is striving to be faster and to win this upcoming season. Hattie loves all of triathlon, but her favorite part is the biking because she gets to feel her hair blow around in the wind.

Hattie’s favorite race experience was her first triathlon because then everyone knows you are a triathlete. You can call yourself one! Hattie’s least favorite race was the Power Kids triathlon when her shoes got sucked off in the mud. She had to run in the rain and the mud with only one shoe! Luckily Coach Sally found her muddy shoe. That’s what Hattie loves about Coach Sally. Sally knows when Hattie can do more and pushes her. “It makes me proud of me when I am done,” said Hattie.

When we asked Hattie about advice for beginners, she said ,”Keep going and don’t give up. You have to push yourself and believe in yourself. It is a lot of fun if you try!”



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