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Alex Murdock

Alex Murdock

It’s that time of the week again! Alex Murdock is this week’s Athlete of the Week!

Alex Murdock is an athlete with a lot of grit. We have battled multiple injuries, overwhelming work schedules, and other setbacks. Yet, Alex handled heavy training volume and has recently completed one of the toughest ultras on the east coast. Not only did he complete it, he destroyed the course!

Alex Murdock has been coached by Endorphin Fitness for eight years. Alex was already physically active, but joined Endorphin Fitness in order to bring focus, structure, and accountability to my training.

Alex’s fitness journey didn’t begin as a triathlete. He started off as a mountain bike, then transitioned to off road triathlete, and is currently an ultrarunner.

As an Endorphin Fitness athlete, his abilities have accelerated not only physically, but transferred into his day-to-day life. EF taught him to be more patient, thoughtful, and a persistent athlete. Alex mentions that consistency pays more dividends than any individual hard effort.

Alex’s main fitness goals are focused on bettering himself. He plans on staying healthy in regards to diet and exercise. But a major goal for him to to keep testing his limits. Every new race he participates in is favorite. It’s a way for him to push himself and make PR’s, podium places, and more.

Way to go Alex. All of us here at EF are so proud of your accomplishments!


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