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July 3, 2017 Nick Seitz

Training Without Fear

One of my favorite quotes growing up was “Don’t let fears get in the way of your dreams.” It sometimes got me in trouble as I remember saying it over and over in my head before launching a big jump on my roller blades, but overall, it served me well. I think many of us allow fears to stand in the way of our dreams, in sport as well as life.

When was the last time you entered a workout or race without fear? When have you not considered the repercussions of going out a little fast or absolutely selling out for the workout. When have you not feared the pain, and put all of that aside for the goal. It strikes me that oftentimes the more veteran we become in the sport, the more conservative we become in our approach to workouts.   We have our set of perceived limitations, and it is hard to break free from them.

I will admit this it is not easy to train and race without fear but big breakthroughs are found in the land of fearlessness. Instead, most of us live in the safe zone never truly knowing what our potential is. If you are searching for a breakthrough, approach your next workout with less fear. Be willing to go out a little hard and take more risk – the only fear should be in never finding out what your true potential is.


Be More. Live Red.
Michael Harlow
EF Founder & Head Coach

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