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That Feeling

That Feeling
January 7, 2017 Michael Harlow
There is something about that feeling.  Something freeing, something that erases worries and stress, something addictive.  There is something about that feeling during a workout.
We have all had periods where getting out the door to workout was not easy.  We did not want the effort – and sometimes the pain.  Maybe the stress and busyness of life was too much to even consider fitting it in. Maybe you found yourself in a plateau and you wondered if it was worth it.  Then we step out the door, and there is something about that feeling.
I love that feeling – of accomplishment, of fitness, or life.  At the core of it, this is what has kept me stepping out the door for the past 25 years – I cannot imagine not having that feeling.  Yes, the races drive me but that feeling is what keeps me going no matter what.
If you are struggling with motivation, I encourage you to focus on that feeling – why it means something to you.  Then, step out the door.
Be More. Live Red.
Michael Harlow
EF Founder & Head Coach 

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