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2019 Banquet Recap

2019 Banquet Recap
January 28, 2019 Nick Seitz

We want to thank all those that were able to attend our year-end banquet. We also want to thank all of our athletes and coaches for another amazing year of training, racing, and striving to be more! The banquet is always a joyous time to gather and reflect on last year, as well as highlight our athletes’ accomplishments. Below are the full list of award recipients, as well as the two videos we screened at the awards ceremony.

Most Improved

  • Adult – Chris Clark, Meredith Newcomb
  • Youth – Ariana Hotchfelder, Hadley Harlow
  • Junior – Samantha Kayne, Caroline Osenga, Jack Guerrero


  • Adult – Sandrine Thominet, Brian (Walt) Walter
  • Youth – Andrea Rogerson, Chandler Evans
  • Junior – Hope Frost, Joshua Gray, Colby Burcham, Jennifer Zheng

Live Red

  • Adult – Matthew Cramer, Steve Smith, Glenn Young
  • Youth – Lucy Nunziata, Matt Ciaverelli
  • Junior – Sade Smith, Ella Forlin, Grace Sheehy

Coach Awards

  • Richmond – Mickie Fleming
  • Hampton Roads – Lucy Nunziata
  • Fairfax – Annalise Williams
  • Prince William – Bella Larkin
  • Florida – Megan Buchanan

View on YouTube: Endorphin Fitness- Be More

View on YouTube: Outtakes, Behind the Scenes, False Starts 2018


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