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Sprint Tri Team

We’ll Get To The Finish Line Together

“I’m not very athletic, so when I thought about coaching I didn’t feel I was ‘good’ enough to justify even having a coach. I think about that thought now and it seems kind of silly and backwards. I think that sometimes when people think of endurance sports, they think of them as sports for elite athletes, and I just kind of bought into that mindset. You really challenged me as an athlete and my way of thinking.  I am in awe of how much Endorphin Fitness has helped me accomplish not only with my fitness but many other areas of my life.  I really don’t think I can say enough great things about Endorphin Fitness.”

Whether you’re looking for your next challenge or just want a well-balanced way to get into shape, everybody can complete a triathlon!  Triathlon is NOT some intimidating endurance event only for uber-athletes – it’s a sport enjoyed by all types of people looking for a fun way stay healthy and meet new people.

For the past 19 years, Endorphin Fitness has helped over 2,500 people, just like you, cross the finish line.  No matter what obstacles you believe are standing in your way (can’t swim, out of shape, no time), we will walk through it together.  Are you ready to give it a “tri?”

The Program

Our Sprint Training Team is designed to provide an affordable complete training program to get you across your first sprint triathlon finish line. Whether you’ve done triathlon before, or are starting completely from scratch, we provide a streamlined approach that focuses on the essentials.  It includes weekly coached training sessions with other beginners, a training plan, special clinics on topics such as what to expect on race day and nutrition, and passionate coaches who will walk alongside you, start to finish.   Training sessions take place Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm (swim) and Saturdays from 8-9:30am (bike & run).  You can do this – together, we are going to get you there!

The Seasons

We will have 3 seasons in 2024, each concluding with a beginner-friendly race:

Participants will receive exclusive team discounts at these events. We will also have other optional races available within each program to build your experience and confidence.

Family Friendly

Though this program was created with the adult in mind, we wanted to provide an opportunity for families to participate so ages 13+ are welcome to sign up with a parent.

Info Session

Join us for an information session on April 22 at 6:30pm to learn about triathlon, the training team, and the race.  RSVP Here >>


In addition to a weekly group practices, a detailed training plan, access to the EF Training Center, participants will also receive an exclusive team discount at the team races, a team uniform discount, and a free t-shirt.

  • Spring Season: Jan 29 – May 5 (Race: East Coast Triathlon Festival) FULL
  • Summer Season (May 6 – Jul 21): Only $345 if register by April 22 ($30 discount)      Register Here
  • Fall Season (Jul 22 – Sep 29): Only $290 if register by July 1 ($25 discount)      Register Here

Want to get a jump start on your training?  Join us for the following one-day beginner tri clinics:    Apr 27   |   May 18   |   Jun 30   |    Aug 3

Success Stories

We work with people coming from any background of fitness. Below are some stories of people who experienced great transformation. This can be your success story too!

Dawn Carter

“Me, a triathlete? Especially after fighting cancer and its aftermath for three years, which has unfortunately included depression. No, I could never be a triathlete. I can only swim well enough to not drown, clipless pedals scare me, I am slow as old molasses, I am still debilitated from illness, treatments and surgeries…I had many reasons for thinking triathlon wasn’t for me. All of that changed when I was challenged to sign up for a triathlon and began training with Endorphin Fitness.  As time went on, I found that I looked forward to practices and the easy camaraderie with my fellow athletes. It is this anticipation and warmth that has saved me and has helped me make progress towards staying out of the grips of depression. I only wish that I would have found triathlon sooner. I may never be the fastest or have any podium finishes, but the training I receive helps my body and spirit do amazing things and to safely give my very best effort. And to feel like I have won the biggest podium finish just for being able to show up and never give up.” 

Peter Worford

“I have learned soooo much from Endorphin Fitness…fitness, hydration, nutrition, making wise training decisions… and the list goes on. I am soo excited as they continue to develop me and the results come flying through. It is a wonderful program with wonderful coaches and wonderful athletes to work out with. I am am sooo excited to continue to make goals and improve.” 

Brian Keiper

“Six months ago I could barely run a mile and the thought of actually competing in any kind of race seemed absolutely ridiculous.  I knew I wanted more, but I felt like I was never going to be able to get back to where I had been years ago.  It was even more special though because of the relationships and friendships I now have with you guys as a result of getting back up off the mat and attacking each day with a purpose” 


We have several programs located throughout the state of VA. If you’re located near one of the following programs, click below to find out more and meet the coaches!

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