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Zipp 454 NSW

Zipp 454 NSW
April 11, 2019 Nick Seitz
Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher

New Zipp 454 NSW now in the shop

We’re excited to be carrying the new Zipp 454 NSW wheelset in the shop! This visually striking new wheelset from Zipp offers several benefits over previous race wheels, and we wanted to run through a few with you today quickly.

Hyperfoil™ rim profile

Zipp engineers have always been hard at work creating new and better wheels. The Zipp 454 NSW carbon clincher is the newest entry into a long pedigree of greater speed through better engineering. Nowhere is this more immediately obvious than in the new rim shape.

The new Hyperfoil™ design, without belaboring the very technical points, increases stability without sacrificing aerodynamics. It has been well established that an aerodynamic rim is typically a deeper section rim. However, when riding in the real world rather than a wind tunnel, this often comes with the tradeoff of deflection in straight line riding due to crosswinds. The Hyperfoil™ sawtooth rim design disrupts the vortices formed from crosswinds which deflect the front wheel.

This results in a stabler ride while maintaining aero wheels. Very cool.

Rim improvements

The rim itself also has received several upgrades. The dimples (for performance reasons, surely, but also because it looks awesome) now echo that shark-fin style design across the rim face. The decals are also printed directly onto the rim, which allows the dimples to operate to their full aerodynamic and drag reducing potential without a sticker to interrupt the airflow.

We also see new silicon carbide Showstopper™ technology on the braking track which allows better rim-brake performance even in the rain.

A substantial upgrade

Race wheels, in general, are a huge upgrade potential for any bike. Zipp wheels have had a pedigree of outstanding performance, and “404” has almost become shorthand for race wheels in general. However, the Zipp 454 NSW is an improvement on an already prodigious line of wheels. You can also find this technology on the 858 NSW if you’re inclined to go even more deep section.

A new Zipp 454 front wheel is currently running $1,800, with a rear wheel coming in at $2,200. While the NSW wheels are an upgrade we would love to help you select and install on your bike, we can also recommend some substantial wheels at lower price points as well.

Finally, if you’d like to give the 454s a try without committing to a purchase, we do have a set in the shop available for rental. If you like them, we can apply the rental cost towards the purchase of a new set. Come give them a try!

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