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Why You Should Be In Your Best Shape During COVID

Why You Should Be In Your Best Shape During COVID
September 25, 2020 Michael Harlow

You have heard me talk about the importance of taking a long-term approach with your training during COVID so many times.  Despite not having races on the calendar, this is not the time to kick up your feet and put training in the backseat.  No, this is the time to drill into your weaknesses and develop a stronger foundation on which next season will be built.


Fitness is a long-term game and is not dependent on whether you have a race on the calendar or not.  Fitness is developed over months and years of consistent training as we pursue the best our body has.  Along the way, we have races to test our fitness against others, but the fitness is there regardless of this.


I started training seriously when I turned 15 and have continued doing so for over 20 years.  Due to this consistency, I have seen steady improvement year-over-year such that I am in the best shape of my life now.  If I had taken a year off because there were no races on the calendar, would I be in the same shape today?  I don’t think so.  Fitness is a lifelong pursuit that rewards the most consistent.


I am especially excited about this today because I received an email from one of our athletes this past week which said, “While others stopped training (during COVID), you guys helped my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) increase by 41 watts!”  That is 41 watts this athlete did not have 6 months ago.  That is 41 watts with which they will start next season.


Do not waste another minute!  If you are not training right now for next season and still going after your goals, you need to start right now.  Get started, get moving, let’s start training today!


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