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Michael’s Message: Why we Train in the Rain

Michael’s Message: Why we Train in the Rain
November 30, 2018 Nick Seitz
practice in the rain
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With the pounding of rain on the rooftop of Endorphin Fitness always comes the ringing of the phone. Parents and athletes want to know, “Do we practice in the rain?” The answer is almost always an emphatic, “Yes!”
As coaches, we see one of our primary roles is making our athletes tougher. Life is tough, and endurance sports should prepare you to handle life better. We want your training to make you more resilient, more patient, and more able to work through obstacles. Overall, we want you to be grittier due to how we coach you.
This grit is also essential for you to succeed in sport. It is no coincidence that many of the best athletes of all time came from the toughest, harshest environments growing up. Having the best training environments is not necessarily a precursor to success but quite honestly might limit success.
When conditions are tough on race day, you want to be the toughest athlete out there and this is developed by training in tough conditions. So, next time you hear the rain pounding on the roof, throw on your running shoes and go embrace the opportunity.

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