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Where Life Is: Experience More Life

Where Life Is: Experience More Life
July 23, 2020 Michael Harlow

Earlier this week, I finished a run as the sun was coming up and once again was reminded of how lucky I am to be able to experience so much life before many even wake up.  This was compounded by running up on my son in the final mile and realizing that he had gotten up earlier than me to start his run.  I was excited that he too was experiencing life to the fullest.


I think we all experience the pinnacle of life in different ways.  For me, one of these ways is a good run.  For others, it might be a different form of exercise, reading a good book, spending time with friends, feeling a closeness with God, or even weathering a painful period of one’s life with grace.  Regardless of how you experience the most life, I encourage you to recognize it and resolve to experience it daily.


Don’t lead normal lives.  Set big goals, get up early, love on others, and don’t settle for just ok.  I am still learning how to do this better each day, so I appreciate small reminders like this week’s run.


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